Maken-ki! — Will Season 3 Be Released in 2016? Release Date

Will there be another season of Maken-ki!? Since the second season was in question, and the third one has been on hold until the source of funding is found, it’s not yet certain whether season 3 will be out. Meanwhile, the anime series has gathered a huge number of fans who are pretty much eager to see the continuation of Maken-ki!

Let us see what we can sum up regarding the show.
Maken ki Season 3

The timeline of Maken-ki!

Maken-ki!, an anime adaptation of Hiromitsu Takeda’s manga series, was first released a few years ago, in October 2011. It continued till December and got overall positive critical reception. Although the plot was not as elaborate as it could’ve been, viewers from all over the world enjoyed the anime series a lot. Season 2 of Maken-ki! was released in January 2014, slightly more than a year after the first one, and ran on TV through March.

The issues with Maken-ki!

Despite the fact that the second season of Maken-ki! was released and well-received by the fans, there were rumors earlier that the series would consist of just 12 episodes. Indeed, Andy Hanley, a UK-based anime reviewer, said that Maken-ki! lacked originality. He predicted that it would not survive for more than one season.
Nevertheless, Maken-ki! managed to gather a huge army of fans who were ecstatic to watch 10 more episodes in 2014. Despite a bunch of negative reviews the season received, the fans are convinced that the third season will be out sooner or later, and that it would unacceptable if the show was canceled. The only thing that frustrates them is that the production company and the creators of Maken-ki! are silent about their plans on the series.
Maken ki Season 3
The most optimistic predictions estimate that the third season of Maken-ki! will be out in 2016, if not later. The lively fans’ chatting has not stopped yet, which means that there is a big possibility to see Maken-ki! season 3 in the future.

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