Face Off Season 11 Release Date

This reality series is mainly for women as the target audience since the theme for portrayal is rather feminine – in particular, the competition in applying makeup if to be brief enough but it is not the end of the story. So follow the article in order to get to know everything. The show is long-running, by the way, including ten full seasons and the eleventh one coming soon.

Brief review

Praised by critics, as well as by ordinary watchers, Face Off is a true settler on the Syfy channel being produced by such executives as Dwight D. Smith, Michael Agbabian, and Derek Atherton. Making you sure of this, let’s define when the first release of this reality show takes place. It is January 2011. Thus for about five successful years, this show has been hitting the TV screens in the USA. The latest season premiere was held in this already past January. Season 10 consists of fourteen episodes with the duration of the entire hour. By the genre, it is special effects reality competition by Mission Control Media.

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Determining the concept and popularity of the story

As the series is a harsh competition, there should be the participants in it. Here they are the special-effects makeup artists. They are challenged to apply as much experience and talent as they can in order to become the only one winner and get the prize constituting a great sum of money, $100,000 specifically, as well as a full year supply of makeup from Alcone, the sponsoring participant of the reality show.

And now as for acceptance of the show. The series general duration comprising five years is the number one proof to the fact that the series is more than averagely accepted. The favorable reviews from critics, as well as a considerable amount of awards and nominations, make us believe in the following renewals, as well as in the success of the future seasons.

Events in the latest season

The latest season includes new contestants embarking on bringing fresh ideas in special effects makeup to life. The prize is the same. The concept is also not changed including the right of judges to save one contestant from being eliminated.

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The main differences in seasons lay specifically in the marvelous works of art created by contestants. Watching this show, we can only go overboard about the uniqueness of ideas appearing in the minds of contestants.

Catching up with the news

As the end of the spring delivered inspiring info to us, the series turned to be resumed for the eleventh chapter after the successful release of the tenth one in this year. So the resumption is confirmed and now there is nothing to do but to wait for the statement of the Face Off season 11 release date. This kind of data can emerge only moving closer to this upcoming autumn or even already in winter as the release is preliminarily scheduled for 2017. In any case, we recommend you keeping abreast of the situation as any data about this show can appear at any moment.


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