Skin Wars Season 4 Release Date

This year debut of the show has been already arranged. Herewith, the next portion of new episodes can be expected only next year. However, so far, we are not aware of the fourth season fate.

Following the Main Aspects of the Project

The series under discussion is a reality show of a competition type. The sphere for competing is, however, unique. It is hard to find a show when participants are struggling in their abilities of body painting. The American show Skin Wars is hosted by Rebecca Romijn and is broadcasted on different channels all over the globe.

Skin Wars Season 4 Poster

The release of the first part is dated back to August of 2014 on Game Show Network in the USA. The third premiere has been arranged amidst this spring.

The broadcast in Australia is set on LifeStyle You, in Canada on GameTV, and in the UK on TruTV.

Competition Show

Twelve competitors on the show are showing their abilities of body painting. There are also judges in the project named RuPaul, Robin Slonina, and Craig Tracy. They take on a responsibility to define the painting winner and give him a prize that constitutes $100 000. Not a bad sum of money, how do you think? Among other prizes, there are the custom-made stencil line from Bad Ass Stencils and the invitation to the Austrian World Body Painting Festival.

In each episode, the participants of the competition face multiple challenges that are given in such a way in order to test the limits of their talent.

The viewers sitting on the other side of screens are enjoying the amazing pictures that can be created with body paint.

It is important to notify you that anyone who has talents in body painting is allowed to the show, no matter whether it is a professional artist or a newcomer in this field.

Skin Wars Season 4 Promo

Recent Rating Figures and General Reception

The narrowed theme of the show implies that the audience is composed mainly of those who is in love with body art. The series ratings are far from being those that can be delivered by hits. The highest amount of viewers hardly reaches the point of 1 million viewers. This can be explained also by the low rating of the home channel of the series. Thus, we cannot expect some blinding figures. Herewith, the story comes to be worth development, as figures here are not the success criterion.

As far as the reviews are concerned, here the state of things is much inspiring due to the originality of the show. Even critics have felt satisfaction.

Show Fate

The show was not a hit but managed to give birth to a spinoff entitled as Skin Wars: Fresh Paint. The premiere of the special of that project is dated back to the preceding year. Afterward, the entire season was announced as obligatory for launching.

As for the series under discussion, its fate is still unknown but we hope for the best. There is no waiting for the Skin Wars season 4 release date now. It can appear only in 2017. Follow us and you will get it as soon as it is stated.


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