The Boonies Season 2 Release Date

Living in seclusion is a hard task for performing and only truly enthusiastic people can cope with it. The members of the new show under the title “The Boonies” are reckoned to be these enthusiasts pursuing to live without proper conditions being available for them in remote from civilization places. The series is so far on the bubble after the accomplished release of the pioneer installment.

Pertaining to the show as whole

A new survival show from National Geographic under the name “The Boonies” has been brought to day light in the middle of January 2106. Thus, the broadcast of the pioneer installment is now closed and we have it available on various online resources for free watching.

The Boonies Season 2 Poster

The story depicted there is revolving around people who are willing to go to extremes in their desire to live in seclusion.

The series narration has been entrusted to Michael Madsen. The team of executives comes to be composed of Brian Skope, Brad Bishop, Tom Forman and Jon Beyer.

Is living in seclusion worth it indeed?

Those who are surfeited with all those technological things with which everyday routine life of practically all planet population is packed are given a chance to follow this unscripted story of the project. The question is whether the members of the series loyal following are ready to live in seclusion as the participants of this show?

The participants here are the individuals that have taken over the alternative living to an extreme — creating refuge on top of mountains on their own, as well as in caves, on a remote island and even in a treehouse.

This alternative technology free living has become a popular option for those seeking to unplug from the demands of the world. And this deserves respect indeed as nowadays we have forgotten about out real roots highly related to nature which we are only destroying now.

As for the ratings of the TV show

The Boonies Season 2 Promo

The serial has garnered its true following being evaluated in about 1 million viewers. On IMDb, we are dealing for example with about 8 points out of 10. These can be reckoned as quite sufficient rating figures in order to provide the anticipated audience with the sequential chapters for several following years with regular intervals.

Information concerning the resumption

But as the current situation proposes to us, everything is not as much optimistic as it could be considered at first blush. The thing is that the serial, though being already put to an end with the broadcast of the pioneer installment, stays on the bubble so far. This can be reckoned as a rather sad development of events.

But as the matter stands we should not surrender ourselves to despair thus waiting for the formal announcement of The Boonies season 2 release date as well as of the resumption of the story of the following chapters. Let’s hope that the second installment is aiming to please us as tradition now requires it in the middle of winter 2017.


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