The Seven Year Switch Season 2 Release Date

With such a strange title, it is hard to guess what the actual idea of this project is. The case is, however, a simple one as it is released to show us the relationships of married couples. The series is a newcomer on its home channel and waits for the confirmation of the second chapter.

Short outline

The Seven Year Switch is a reality show broadcasted on the American channel called FYI that is not so popular yet packed with exciting stories.

The Seven Year Switch Season 2 Poster

This reality show under today discussion is the series produced by such executives as Chris Coelen, Karrie Wolfe, and Cat Rodriguez. The studio for fabrication here is Kinetic Content.

The story revolves around relationships and married couples. The first and so far the latest release was given summer start in July 2015. The premiere season includes eight parts.

Following the concept

The series is aiming at testing certain couples in order to get to know whether their bonds of marriage are strong enough. By means of what do they test them?

There is a variety of shows that serve the same purposes but in this case, we are dealing with exchanging spouses of these couples, married pairs. All these couples are strangers to each other. Nevertheless, they are brave enough in order to entrust their faded love into experienced hands of psychologists.

Getting into particulars

At the start of the show, we get acquainted with four couples who are willing to bring something new and spicy into their marriages and improve their relationships.

The history of each pair comes to be shown in detail from their first dating and ending in the situation that takes place currently. The reasons that have led unfortunately to the decreasing of passion in their relations come to be investigated scrupulously.

The Seven Year Switch Season 2 Promo

The main thing is that all these people are anxious to recover their love for their partners. So, much effort is to apply by then in order to make their lives better.

You can ask what the problems these couples have, In fact, they are much typical including the lack of common interests, lack of attention and dwindling intimacy.

People are not capable of understanding each other due to some years already spent together. Their passion is a matter of past and now mutual understanding is the very thing that should be achieved in order to become the means that ties them.

Can we wait for another installment in the near future?

Surely, there is always a tiny hope in the heart of every follower of a certain series that it will be renewed for another chapter. This is not an exception. Nevertheless, the situation is not much inspiring as the level of ranking is average and this can lead to the immediate cancellation of the story. But it has not been confirmed officially. That’s why we can hope for the better unfolding of events that is The Seven Year Switch will be announced.

Stay tuned together without service in order to be notified timely about any kind of info regarding this project.


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