Treasure Quest: Snake Island Season 2 Release Date

The freshman serial under the name “Treasure Quest: Snake Island” is currently on the bubble taking into consideration the fact the there is no information so far about the feasibility of the story resumption.

Brief review

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Developed especially for Discovery Channel, the project under the title “Treasure Quest: Snake Island” comes to be composed of only one pioneer season so far following the team of courageous divers who have set off on a questing trip in search for the hidden gold treasures on an island situated near the coast of Brazil.

The serial is feather in the cap of such personalities as Mark Kadin, Joseph Boyle, and Will Ehbrecht.

The debut of the series was held in the USA on its home TV network while on the Australian variant of the aforementioned channel; this reality show saw the light a little bit later if to be more concrete on the first day of fall 2015.

What are the viewers of the show to follow?

As it has been already mentioned, the watchers of this show are dealing with the group of treasure searchers. The immediate leader of this close-knit team is considered to be Cork Graham.

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So what are they looking for exactly? Their goal is presented by the Treasure of the Trinity, which was lost as far back as in sixteenth century, on an island that is packed with golden snakes. This type of snakes presents in fact the most considerable danger. The overwhelming majority of this snake’s bites causes death.

This makes accomplishing of the team’s task practically impossible indeed. But this is the very idea of the story. It, however, doesn’t stop the members of the crew that come to survive on snake Island of their own free will.

As far as the ranking is concerned

The serial has turned to be quite compelling with its idea that contributes in fact to the very popularity of the show. Defining the concrete rating numbers, we should mention the scoring on IMDb which constitutes about 6 points from 10.

Potential for the renewal

Treasure Quest: Snake Island Season 2 Cast

Though the serial cannot be boastful about high appraisal, the serial is still remaining as a worthy candidate for the resumption. There is one more hint that the serial is likely to be resumed for the sophomore chapter. The current posture of affairs depicted in given the unscripted story is that the members of the team have not yet found the treasure making us believe that they will use another chance in the following season.

As the matter stands there has been so far no positive news since the previous year concerning the very feasibility that the serial is aiming to return. Let alone the Treasure Quest: Snake Island season 2 release date. But the already garnered viewership seems to be longing for the appearance of another chapter and wait for it with bated breath.

So let’s follow their example and monitor the situation together with our reliable service that obtains news about the launch of various projects straight from the horse’s mouth.


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