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Upcoming Hangover 4 is a modern and highly expected American comedy about the continuing hilarious adventures of four friends. It all starts when one of the fellows, Doug, is getting married and decides to celebrate a stag party in Las Vegas. He takes his two closest friends Phil and Stu and his fiancée’s brother Alan. Nobody has expected that the next morning they would find a baby in the closet, a real tiger in the bathroom, Stu without one tooth and no groom.

That is followed by a range of incredible events with lots of unusual twists and witty humor. The second part continues the theme of the wedding. This time Stu is the groom, and their party is going on in Thailand. No less fun and exciting adventures.

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But the third part has no connection to the wedding. It shows significant problems from Thai fellow, who broke out of prison, serious money and masked kidnappers.

Should we wait for the 4th movie of Hangover?

The first film of the series was released in summer 2009, with a budget of $35 million and raising about $467 million in worldwide box office. Critics praised it, and it won the Golden Globe.

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In 2011, the second movie followed up in success, adding $948 million to the film collection. After the release of Hangover 3 in 2013, many fans of the series were wondering – was it the end or no? Would the producers continue the series?

So far, no one of the producers released any official information about the plans for Hangover 4. After Hangover 3 release, the actor who played the leading character of the trilogy, Zach Galifianakis, apparently replied “No” to the question about a follow-up.

Three years later, rumors about the 4th part start to spread. The year of the Hangover 4 release date has been initially set on 2015, but it will probably be on 2018.

High expectations for Hangover 4

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There are no exact details about the movie, and it is still in the planning and negotiating stage. But there are some ideas from the producers to sate the fans’ appetite.We should

We should be waiting for a brand-new movie without any allusion to the previous stories. The four fellows are tired of the middle-aged daily routine and decide to celebrate a stag party somewhere in Las Vegas. This place is where they have already gone through wild adventures. Also, the bride will be much younger than the groom.

Let’s hope that the cast will remain the same. Zach Galifianakis as Alan is incredible and is the pivot of the movie. He has a range of serious projects: The Lego Batman Movie (2016) and Tulip Fever (2017). Bradley Cooper as a ravishing Phil is busy with Guardians of the Galaxy (2017) and Avengers (2018). Keep an eye on the latest news about Hangover 4 Release Date.

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