The Best Man Wedding – Unexpected Wedding and Release Date

The Best Man Wedding is the end of the trilogy? When director Malcolm D. Lee started to do first picture “The Best Man” – he wanted to have a trilogy, but we have known this just at the beginning of work on the third movie. The universal group made that dream true.

A little bit of history

The universal studio has announced the news, that third movie “The best man wedding” release date is April 15, 2016. Previous movies The Best Man Holiday – 2013 year and The Best Man – 1999. The main scenario tells that the gang will return to celebrate the most exciting and unexpected wedding. Direct by Malcolm D. Lee again and produce by Sean Daniel. This movie will complete the trilogy. The first part of the story, published in 1999, gathered in the US box office of $ 35.1 million, the second, in 2013 – 70.5 million dollars, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The Best Man Wedding – Unexpected Wedding and Release Date

Malcolm D. Lee did not miscalculate, making a bet on the “white Dark skinned” – they seem to be a pleasure to watch and a black and white Americans – charges in the picture is very good. Of course, everyone has their own reasons to enjoy the film. Black nice to look at the successful fellows, white – those blacks who did not appoint him a knife to her throat in the doorway and said, “Give purse!”.

Success of another parts

“The Best man holiday” inspired the audience with positive moments and also the picture is useful for learning something for everyone. People laughed and cried unexpectedly. Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan, Taye Diggs, and Morris Chestnutt still look great and haven’t aged a bit.

The Best Man Wedding is an African-American comedy-drama, where “niggas” behave quite as white – they are quite successful, go to work and live in well-furnished houses, drive expensive cars, and even write books. But sometimes still sometimes as a joke refer to one another, “You my nigga”. And women love them to discuss the “big black dick”.

The Best Man Wedding Release Date in 2016

The main character of the first and second movie – Harper – not the best man (he was the best man in the first film), he is not “witness at the wedding,” there is no wedding in the movie at all. Heroes gather a beautiful manor house of a friend named Lance, to celebrate Christmas. At the same time Harper in the first film had guilty before Lance, so that it “hates”, but hate as hate old friends – in principle, ready to forgive, unless, of course, the good apologize.

Harper has a difficult task – he has to make it up with Lance, but the publisher gives him a task – to write a biography of each other (remember, Lance – a successful athlete, football player). Harper, among other things, has financial problems. But not like the majority of black people in America, when scammers robbed of heroin – and now it is not clear what to say to the dealer – he has a problem of white – a lot of credit, the novel sold poorly. On top of that, his wife is pregnant.

And not for the first time – she cannot bear a child. In the course of action being investigated and other tragic details of the life of friends. For example, the comic – the wife of one of them, a former stripper, in young years she appeared in porn, and now it is available to everyone on Youtube. There are tragic. The author tries to squeeze a tear from the audience in every way.

The third movie is expected to be funny, romantic and must contain unexpected moments like the others parts!

The Best Man Wedding official trailer of previous part

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