Pokemon Go Game

Pokemon Go. Just a game. Created by Niantic and released this month. It’s available for Android and iOS devices in Australia, USA, partially in Europe and Asia. The releases in other countries are on the go. The project became

The Technomancer

This year the world, the fans of the cyberpunk style specifically, is to see the premiere of the new game titled “Technomancer”. The game is yet to be scheduled, unfortunately. However, it is known that it will appear in

The Church in the Darkness

Richard Rouse seems to be a genius now, as currently he is creating the game without a certain story which we to develop for ourselves. Does it sound amazing for you? If yes, let’s take another step of our

Styx: Shards of Darkness

Are you ready to deepen again into the fantastical world of elves, goblins, and dwarves? If yes, welcome to our fan club that is anxious to see another varaiant of the highly appreciated game all over the world, and

Shadow Warrior 2

Are you satisfied with the Flying Wild Hog’s 2013 project? If yes, you should in anticipation for the continuation of the story title “Shadow Warrior 2”. Let’s speak a little a bit about the project itself and its history.

Sea of Thieves

Later this year we are to experience an adventurous game under the title “Sea Thieves”. As you have already guessed by its the speaking name, the game is to be about pirates, and islands, and seas, thus everything for

Hard Reset: Redux

The second version of the highly appraised “Hard Reset” is now under development is coming soon in this year.  Let’s define what different features the anticipated game is going to obtain. Short review Hard Reset is reckoned to be

Farming Simulator 2017

We have great news for the admirers of the games about building a virtual farm. A new version of Farming Simulator is to be given a launch this year. For those who are unaware of what we are talking


Are you the gamer of the 1990s? If yes, you will really appreciate the upcoming game under the title “Strafe”. Having Doom as a template, the recently unknown creators are now pushing forward their really inspiring shooter. What are

Overkill’s The Walking Dead

Are you a fan of both strategy and horror? Do you take a keen interest in the survival games? If your answer is positive, we highly recommend you to look at the trailer of the game upcoming in 2017