A Place to Call Home Season 4 Release Date

Great news has come to the fans of the serial under the title “A Place to Call Home”. The thing is that the fourth chapter of the project is officially announced to be brought to broadcast later this year. So we have to keep abreast of the situation concerning this project in order to receive information timely.

Quick outline of the project: genre, leader of the project, premiere of the first episodes

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A Place to Call Home is reckoned to be a melodrama serial developed by Bevan Lee. The first season debuted as far back as in 2013 if to be more concrete at the end of April.

Plot summary: time and place of action, main characters

The main heroine of the story turns to be a woman named Sarah Adams. Last 20 years she has spent living in Europe. But now she has to move back to stamping ground in Australia, as she gets to know that her mother’s health leaves much to be desired and the doctors forecast are very sorrowful. So she is about to pass away. Here in her native town she is to start a new chapter in her life.

The action takes place specifically in New South Wales right after the World War II. The story is particularly about love feeling, devotion, ups and downs of people who are facing the social changes after the war. The leading performer of the series is reckoned to be Marta Dusseldorp.

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What were the reasons for the serial to be once unexpectedly cancelled?

The reasons for cancelling the show after the second successful season are now unknown. The main thing is that the fans of the melodrama have protested this quite undesirable action of the producers of Channel Seven. These protests resulted in reincarnation of the serial in the form of the third chapter mainly due to the efforts of the Foxtel team which united their powers with Seven and created a new season in 2015.

The latest season and perspective of the renewal

A Place to Call Home Season 4 Cast

The shooting of the third season started in April 2015 and the debut was scheduled for the beginning of September the same year this time on SoHo. According to official information coming from reliable resources, the series will certainly have a continuation in the form of the fourth season.  However, now we have no information concerning A Place to Call Home season 4 release date. But the following chapter is scheduled to premiere sometime later in this year. Let’s hope that this time the situation with e the serial will be different and the producers won’t decide to bring the project to a complere and again, as the ratings number and protests all round the world when the serial has been cancelled are speaking for themselves.

The third season finale episodes include scenes which contribute to our feeling of possible continuation of the story. So this is a kind of cliffhanger. That’s why we should stay tuned in order not to miss any kind of important information about this project coming from the official resources.


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