Feed the Beast Season 2 Release Date

Now we should bring tidings of bale – the criminal drama “Feed the Beast” is canceled after the release of the only one season in June 2016. What are the reasons for such an early and sad announcement? Do developers jump to conclusions? Let’s clear the things up.

Brief Review of a Newcomer

Feed the Beast is an American criminal drama that has been released in June 2016. It serves as an adaptation of the Danish series Bankerot.

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The team of the developers is composed of Clyde Philips, the immediate spearhead of the behind-the-scene crew, and a group of executives including Henrik Ruben Benz, Malene Blenkov, and Piv Bernth. AMC Studios is behind the whole creation.  The broadcast was arranged on the AMC channel also.

As for the acting cast, it includes David Schwimmer, Jim Sturgess, and Lorenzo Izzo.

Plot Summary

The series plot centers on the lives of two soul mates, two best friends named Tommy Moran and Dion Patras. Being both on the edge of personal disaster in their private lives, they give a push to their undertaking shaped in a Greek restaurant in New York.

They should struggle their way to success and peace in their souls facing such challenges as small-time crooks, corrupt officials, and dangerous gangs.

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The question is whether we will be ever able to follow the series continuation. The things are sad, in fact, and we can do nothing with it. So, let’s get to the matter closer.

Low Results

The thing is that the series has become a complete failure with both rating numbers and reviews being very unpromising. The premiere of the show seemed to tackle the audience interest at first having garnered about 1 million watchers in front of TV sets. Nevertheless, right from the second episode, the drama has been experiencing the decline in its figures. The lowest number constitutes 0.3 million people. For such type of the program, it is not enough, frankly speaking.

Critics are united in the opinion that the story is very much predictable and offers nothing but convoluted dialogues and half-baked personages.

The scores on websites are also low. On Metacritic, for instance, we are dealing with 47 points out of 100. On IMDb, it is a little bit higher – 6.9 out of 10, nevertheless, it does not tend to right the ship.

Following Latest Statements Regarding the Show Future

Feed the Beast Season 2 Cast

After defining the results of the first release, we are compelled to state that the show has no future in fact. The developers are aware of this fact as no one else and that’s why have made an early decision about the cancellation of the project.

The second could be released if following the idea to give a second chance to the story to improve ratings but the situation would not take a turn for the better.

Thus, there is no expecting the emergence of info regarding the sophomore installment including the Feed the Beast season 2 release date. Switch your attention on other worthy project info about which you can find on our service.


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