Highway Thru Hell Season 5 Release Date

Have you heard any news about the upcoming 5th season of Highway Thru Hell? Just sit back and relax, cause the new series are going to be totally awesome! Discovery Channel has already approved the release date of the first episode of the show. Scroll down to get it.

General Info

HTH is an adventure TV series created in Canada and broadcast on Discovery Channel. The show immediately became a real hit. It’s centered round the recovery crew that does it’s best to save the victims of hard road conditions. They usually work in the periods of most brutal winters in order to keep the traffic constantly moving on the highway through hell.

Highway Thru Hell Season 5 Poster

The show appeared on the 4th of September, 2012. The viewers were captivated by the striking locations, killer rockslides, and worst weather possible. The participants of the show had to face serious troubles and complications. HTH was getting more and more intense with every released season. The 5th season is now being filmed in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada.

The show became so popular cause most part of the viewers consider it to be more realistic than the majority of the shows broadcast on Discovery Channel. That’s a very “masculine” project with heavy trucks and powerful transport combined with well-organized actions of great people solving unpredictable problems. Each season there’s the last episode where the participants themselves summarize the whole season.

Full Cast & Crew

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The participants of the show are truly likable persons bravely dealing with exhausting circumstances. Jamies Davis (a big boss and a wonderful person) is the leader of the rescue crew. Adam Gazzola and Kevin Ritchie work together with him. Dave Pettitt is the narrator. The series is directed by Tim Hardy, Matthew Shewchuck, Alex Gower-Jackson, Brad Quenville and others. Executive producers are Mark A. Miller and Blair Reekie.

As the show is being filmed right now the directors and the producers keep almost all the info in secret before the first episode is aired. Looking forward to the premiere!

Interesting details and state of affaires

The first episode of the 5th season is promised to be broadcast on 6 September 2016. Unfortunately, this info is everything that can be found on the net, but HTH will make you experience fresh thrilling emotions for quite a long time, cause the producers don’t say anything about the cancellation of the show.

Highway Thru Hell Season 5 Cast

In the US Highway Thru Hell was first shown only in spring 2013.

Among the vehicles used by the crew, you can fins Toyota Tundras with massive Toyota Canada support. There are also additional vehicles with great capacity and power, like HR150 – a Rotator that can hold up to 75 tons or SP850XP – a wrecker holding and pulling up to 50 tons. There are lots of other vehicles created by Miller Industries.

Surprise! Discovery Channel has recently announced a new Canadian project based on HTH. It’s going to be called Heavy Rescue: 401 and the airing is planned for 2017.


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