Lucifer Season 2 Release Date

According to the current news, the series under the title “Lucifer is still on the bubble. The developers seem to have no idea about the fate of the project and hold us in suspension making us hope that the answer to the question whether to continue the project or not will be positive.

Short outline: creators and series’ opponents

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The immediate creator and leader of the behind-the-scenes crew are reckoned to be the one and the only Tom Kapinos. The main cast consists of such performers as D.B. Woodside, Tom Ellis, and Lauren German.

The adversaries of the serial have been complaining of the appearance of the devil as a human and moreover in a very imposing and positive way as he helps people greatly in the series. About 150 thousand people have signed the petition. However, it hasn’t changed anything as in the case of the comic book created by Neil Gaiman on which the story of the series is based.

What is about the narrative?

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As you have already guessed (in the case you haven’t watched it yet), “Lucifer” is the series about the evil side of our life. It is about Lucifer, the fallen angel. The evil king being bored by him staying in the hell and decides to visit Los Angeles where he begins work for the police as a special consultant. And why not? His super abilities to make people tell the truth can be useful when it comes to the investigation of crimes. He can read humans like a book penetrating inside their motives and thoughts. Thus, here his powers are still and all in the nick of time.

His partner at the new work is a charming detective Chloe Decked. She is also an object of loving feelings of the principal title character. Thus, even this story can’t go without the line of love in its plot.

Renewal: expectations and ratings

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The ratings of the first season turned to be a mixture of positive as well as quite negative commentaries from critics though the general appreciation is felt if to look at the serial’s rating numbers on different websites. It is a firm background, more than 8 from 10 points.

The premiere episode audience amount exceeded 7 million people. However, then it dropped down to 5.5 million. But this should be considered as a kind of failure. The series won its steady number of audiences. And 5 million is a very inspiring number for the rating.

It seems that the developers have mixed feelings and do not share the aforementioned position. At least they are not in a hurry to announce about the following chapter of the story though the story seems to have much to tell us. And the creators should also have ideas that must be realized in any case taking into account that the story of the launched season doesn’t cover the one depicted in the book.

Thus, the Lucifer season 2 release date remains now unknown as well the possibility of the series renewal. Let’s hope for better news to come to us and stay tuned in order not to get information from the first hands in a right time.


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