Swamp People Season 8 Release Date

In 2010 the audiences of history Channel saw the appearance of a new reality series under the title “Swamp People”. Currently, the viewers are in possession of seven seasons. And we look forward to the news about series renewal for the eighth season to come.

Some information about the brand you need to know

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Swamp People is reckoned to be a reality serial developed by Dolores Gavin and broadcast on History Channel. The debut of the pioneer episode was held as far back as in 2010, particularly in August. Now we have seven chapters at our disposal. The latest one has been given a start this year in February. The series is undoubtedly a pay dirt for the developers. The ratings come to be growing from episode to episode.

The series is noted for participation of such personalities as Troy Landry, Junior Edwards, R.J. Molinere, Liz Cavalier, Pat Duke, and many others.

What is the serial about?

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The serial revolves around the mundane everyday life of Louisiana residents. They have nothing to do but inhabit the Atchafalaya Basin swamps, chase alligators and try to lead their ancient way of life.

The season when they are hunting alligators is considered to be the most significant part of the year as it brings them the most of their income during a year. According to the tradition, the hunting starts in the opening Wednesday in the first month of every fall. The duration of the season is evaluated as the entire month.

This sphere of the ancient industry is a rather dangerous thing. There also some rules concerning regulating the number of alligators. Each hunter is given a certain amount of animals for killing. And all of them should use their skills in order to finish their work before the season is over.

It is also possible for the hunters to work in collaboration with each other. The serial narration centers on a different team each chapter.

The series itself is reckoned to be a story of proud. The ancient population of America has to struggle through their life way in order to survive risking their lives on an alligator hunting season.

Chances of renewal and current rating numbers

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It is interesting to note that this serial turns to be a basis for the show titled “Outback Hunters”. But we are not going to fly off at a tangent and that’s why we are presenting you the rating numbers. So according to IMDb the series have above-average scores – 6.3 from 10 points. So it seems like the series has obtained its own audience that takes a keen interest in the history of their country. However, the current season lacks some characters that have been depicted in the previous chapters. This can actually cause some decrease in the rating level.

So far there is no information about the Swap People season 8 release date as well as the possibility of the following continuation of the story. There is no way out but to stay tuned in order not to miss the important data about your favorite serial.


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