Wine Warriors Season 2

Craft reality shows telling about some form of human activity is the format of the programs that appeared on television not too long ago. Viewers have always wanted to know how the procedures that are usually hidden from their

The Force: Behind the Line Season 13

Documentary series about police investigations is a format that has already been popular for a very long period of time. But if earlier such programs came out with a fairly standard plot, where all the actions were directed to

National Treasure Season 2

The British drama series are known around the world for their unusual plots, unique acting and accurately selected cast whose characters have become iconic. Cinematograph knows many such examples, and one of similar projects, which was successfully aired on

Newzoids Season 3

It is known that in order to gain popularity any entertaining show today should have an unusual format. After all, the variety of humorous programs nowadays is very large, and to find among them the one that is different

You Can Do Better Season 2

The projects, which simplify life and make it a little funnier is that the audience needs at present. Among the variety of serious programs involving important issues of politics, business and so on the show You Can Do Better

StarTalk Season 4

StarTalk is a program related to the list of settlers on the National Geographic channel. The series hails from the podcast of Neil Tyson under the same title. Once launched in spring 2015, the series obtained its expected success

Right Now, Kapow Season 2

Right Now, Kapow is regarded as the first joint venture between Warner Bros. Animation and Disney XD. It is an animated comedy in the format of short sketches. The first opening has been already arranged on the Disney XD

Jagger Eaton’s Mega Life Season 2

The show under discussion serves as a new Nickelodeon’s project with the first season release date defined as September 9, 2016. Erin Ryder, Rob Dyrdek, and Shane Nicherson complete the trio that is responsible for the production of this

Full Circle Season 4

It is not a new addition to the slate yet may be referred to the group of young settlers on Audience Network. The channel launched the pioneer installment in 2013. The current but fleeting autumn has proposed the third

Adventure Capitalists Season 2

CNBC chose the close of summer 2016 as a launch window for a new investment show Adventure Capitalists. The freshman season release date is August 22, 2016, on the home channel. Hailing from 3 Ball Entertainment, the reality series