Queen Boss Season 2

If there is anything the Centric channel is known for these days is reality shows. Perhaps, it’s is too pretentious to say it like that, as it makes it sound way more unusual than it is. But it’s the

The Wheel Season 2

When fate casts a man into remote and dangerous corners of the planet, he has to do it hard. But if a person voluntarily goes for adventure in impassable jungles, hot deserts or other unsuitable places for living, it

Snake City Season 4

The protection of wildlife is a very important issue, but sometimes this wildlife can unintentionally harm a person. The hosts of a popular project Snake City on the channel National Geographic Wild work to ensure that snakes do not

Outback Wrangler Season 3

The problem of protecting wildlife today is an issue that worries not only those who are engaged in this professionally, but also ordinary people who are not indifferent to the stories about the depletion of natural resources and the

Not Going Out Season 9

If a particular TV series is successfully broadcasted on television for many seasons, it means that the public appreciates the work of the authors and loves this show. The same situation is with one of the most famous modern

Home Made Simple Season 7

To make the world around you kinder and more pleasant – this is the main task that the participants of a fascinating reality show Home Made Simple want to achieve. The project on the channel OWN has rapidly gained

You Are Wanted Season 2

The theft of personal data on the Internet today occurs quite often, and this is due to the fact that modern technology is very tightly integrated into everyone’s life, and you can get all the necessary information and acquire

The Young Pope Season 2

A rather provocative and yet extraordinarily exciting series was recently presented on an American television channel HBO. It’s about the drama show The Young Pope, where amazing actors are represented as the main cast, and the very idea of

Summer House Season 2

What can be better than a carefree vacation by the ocean in a company of friends, the same gay young people? Perhaps nothing and this is what the participants of the reality show Summer House on Bravo TV channel

SIX Season 2

A completely new look at the military series was recently presented by the creators of the project SIX on the channel History. In this show, rather non-standard, the everyday way of life of American elite units Navy SEALs, which