Ultimate Spider-Man Season 5 Release Date

Another adaptation of Marvel’s Spider-Man comics packed in the animated series entitled Ultimate Spider-Man appeared yet in 2012. Having garnered decent ratings since then, the cartoon has provided itself with a brilliant future. The fifth installment, however, is an

The Real Housewives of Dallas Season 2 Release Date

Another spinoff of the famous franchise with new characters and a fresh portion of drama has been offered this year. The future of the project is yet to be defined by its creators, the producers of Goodbye Pictures. Their

The First 48 Season 16 Release Date

The old settler on the A&E network, The First 48 keeps getting traction due to the intensity and the drama in narration. The ratings are truly inspiring despite the long history of the program. The issue is, however, whether

The Detour Season 2 Release Date

A new comedy from a married couple of Jason Jones and Samantha Bee has hit the small screen this spring with decent ratings. The figures are not so high yet enough for providing the audience with the following new

Homestead Rescue Season 2 Release Date

Here we are set to present another new reality show on Discovery Channel that revolves around the homesteaders who have got used to living in seclusion under the harshest conditions. What for? This question can be answered only after

Undercover Season 2 Release Date

The thriller series entitled Undercover is on the hook now with the future being yet to be determined officially by its developers. As it can be too early for the resumption, there is no reason for worrying so far.

Survivorman Season 8 Release Date

The long-running survival show has maintained its originality and uniqueness, as well as its rating figures throughout the decade run. The eighth season is already a confirmed matter. So, we may not worry and make suppositions regarding its fate.

Rehab Addict Season 8 Release Date

The start of this year is noted for the appearance of the seventh season of Rehab Addict, a settler on HGTV. Less than half a year before the supposed launch of season 8 and we have announcements of at

Iron Resurrection Season 2 Release Date

What can we now say about the fate of the Iron Resurrection season 2? So far, nothing is exposed in fact. Therefore, there is the only one way out – to make suppositions. The greatness of the idea may

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 2 Release Date

The fate of the Below Deck Mediterranean series is known. The developers have decided to keep producing the show due to the high appraisal from the audience side. Well, let’s wait for the official news about the exact launch